Indian Mountain School, Lakeville, Connecticut

We were hired by Indian Mountain School, a private middle school in Lakeville, Connecticut, to design a new library and science labs. Noticing that the school had a very awkward situation with automobile access and parking, we devised a new site plan that solved the problems and located the new building in the most desirable spot. We tucked the building into a hillside and connected it to existing classrooms and dining spaces. The lower level contains the science labs and can be entered from the new faculty parking area on the north side. A monumental landscape of stairs leads up to the library level which is entered from grade on the south. Abundant natural light from windows and skylights was provided for all spaces, and the lighthearted atmosphere is especially evident in the remarkable sculptural Geological Timeline designed by artist Sam Posey, which snakes up through the stairs. The exterior is clad in brick, and small tutoring rooms clad in corrugated steel project from the brick facades.  The south entrance area includes a sunny terrace with stone benches, and projecting sun shades shield the large windows from excessive solar gain in the warmer months.